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Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma is the statewide trade association of Oklahoma’s 63 municipally owned electric distribution utilities.

MESO provides a variety of services to its member cities including electric line apprenticeship, job training and safety, supervisory training, on-site customer service and administration training, drug testing to meet federal mandates, and consultation on policy issues such as terms and conditions of electric service or rate policy. MESO represents its members before the congress, the legislature, and regulatory bodies. MESO and its board and staff work to develop rules, regulations, and law that enable its members to provide the most cost-effective power possible and deliver it in the most reliable and safest ways possible. MESO also provides administration services to the Municipal Gas Systems of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Gas Association thereby sharing the roles of energy efficiency with natural gas operations statewide. Our goal is to continuously work to help members meet the challenges of energy delivery while providing significant benefits to their communities from customer owned energy services.

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