Affiliate Member

Grand River Dam Authority

9933 East 16th
Tulsa, OK 74128
918-256-5545 or 800-299-GRDA - 918-256-5289 (FAX)

Board of Directors
Member:  Pete Churchwell, Grove
               Governor Appointee, At-Large Director
Member:  Charles Sublett, Tulsa
                Governor Appointee, Representing Industrial and Commercial Customers
Member:  Mike Lewandowski, Grove
               Governor Appointee, At-Large Director
Member:  Jim Richie, Tulsa
               Speaker of House Appointee, At-Large Director
Member:  Tom Kimball, Owasso
               President Pro-Tempore, Senate Appointee, At-Large Director
Member:  Dwayne Elam, Wagoner
               Oklahoma Municipal Alliance, Ex Officio Director
Member:  Chris Meyers, OKC
               GM/Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, Ex Officio Director
Corporate Secretary:                              Sheila Allen
President CEO/General Manager:          Dan Sullivan
EVP Chief Operating Officer:                 Tim Brown
EVP CFO/Corporate Treasurer:              Lorie Gudde
VP GREC Operations:                            Robert Ladd
EVP Chief Law Enforce & Lake Ops:      Brian Edwards
EVP Human Resources:                         Robert Braun
EVP External Relations:                          Nathan Reese
EVP of GREC Operations:                      Robert Ladd
EVP Corporate Strategic Strategies:       John Wiscaver
VP Engineering Sys. Ops. & Reliability:  Tim Brown
VP Hydroelectric Projects:                       Steve Jacoby
VP Ecosystems & Lake Operations:        Darrell Townsend, PhD
VP Transmission & Distribution Ops:       Mike Waddell
VP Corp. Communications:                     Justin Alberty
VP River Operations-Scenic Rivers:        Ed Fite
Manager Customer Support Services:     Jerry Cook
Manager Business Development:            Cameron Philpott
Mgr. Marketing/Community Relations:     Laura Townsend
General Counsel:                                     Heath Lofton
CIO:                                                          Steve Wall


Hometown Connections

Hometown Connections, Inc.
12081 W. Alameda Parkway, # 464
Lakewood, CO 80228
Phone: 970-682-4217
[email protected]

Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority

PO Box 1960
2701 W. I-35 Frontage Road
Edmond, OK 73083-1960
405-359-1071 (Fax)

Board of Directors
Chairman:           Homer Nicholson, Ponca City
Vice Chairman:  Jim Greff, Prague
Secretary:           Dave Slezickey, Kingfisher
Treasurer:           Dale Bunn, Purcell
Director:              Jason McPherson, Marlow
Director:              Dixie Johnson, Perry
Director:              Glenn Fisher, Edmond
Director:              Chuck Ralls, Comanche
Director:              Dave Andren, Mangum
Director:              Kimberly Meek, Duncan
Director:              Gary Jones, Altus

Department Heads and Phone Numbers
         (Phone 405-359-2XXX)
General Manager:          David Osburn    (501)
CFO/Dir. Corp. Svcs:      John Vansant    (565)
Dir. of Operations:          Melie Vincent    (558)
Mgr. of Member Svcs:    Jennifer Smith   (534)
Dir. of Engineering:        Jim McAvoy       (507)
General Counsel:            Ellen Edwards   (530)